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Tips from the pros when organising furniture removals

So, you’ve made the big decision to move, congratulations! Whether you are moving to a nearby suburb or interstate, transporting your possessions from your current abode to your new home is a key step in the process however, it can also be stressful. Unless, that is, you live a simple life with very few belongings. For most of us however, the daunting task of safely transporting the wardrobes, cots, family heirlooms and the odd grand piano or two, is something we have to endure.

Organising furniture removals can go a long way to making this as stress-free and straightforward as possible. But as with most things – you get out, what you put in. With a little bit of planning, not only will your move be seamless, but you’re likely to save yourself time, stress and money too.

Here are our top tips for those looking for a removalist to help move home, whether that’s in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia or anywhere in the world.

What are you going to move?

Sounds simple right? You just want everything moved. Chances are though, there’s always an item, or a few hundred items, that are no longer needed or have gone far past their best. Having a quick purge will ensure when you produce an inventory (that was on your list to do, wasn’t it?) it only contains the belongings you wish to keep. There is always the option to sell, donate or recycle belongings which no longer serve their purpose.

More substantial items such as beds, drawers and lounges will naturally take more effort to move. Make a note of whether they can or will be disassembled. Most removal companies will ask you to disassemble flat pack furniture before moving day, therefore it’s going to save you a headache if you can dig out the allen keys, phillips screwdrivers and wine in readiness.

If you can organise your inventory by room, this will also give you a head start when it comes to requesting quotes and of course, packing.
And don’t worry if you have unusual items that also have to be moved. Most professional removalists have specialist equipment to transport everything from vehicles to boats to your beloved pet.

How to get a quote?

For many people looking for a removalist company to help them with their move, this is the first interaction they will have with removalists. Whilst it’s not always possible, we advise making contact sooner rather than later to ensure that your preferred moving date can be secured. We provide three types of quote requests as we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different.

Your Move  This simply asks you which town you are moving from and to and on what date. For customers who prefer to discuss their requirements to gain an accurate quote, or who have yet to organise accommodation, this isn’t your best option. However, if you do not have the means to develop a full inventory, for example you may be working away from home, then this is the quote solution for you for now.

Quick Quote This requires a few more details such as actual addresses for pick up and delivery. Typically, the next step is for someone to capture an inventory to provide an accurate quote. This can be done in a quick visit, where the removalist inspects the property and your belongings for you. A lot of our customers prefer this option as it provides an opportunity for the customer to meet the removalist and explain any particulars that may be worthy of note.

Full Quote If you have documented the items you wish to move, then a full quote can be completed online. This will let the removalists know what you have got, and using industry data, they can estimate the cubic volume of your belongings in order to give you an accurate quote. This is particularly helpful for those living in the Far North of Queensland, where a visit from the removalist may not be easy to complete.

Which ever method you prefer, contacting removalists to discuss your move and your requirements has never been easier. If you don’t feel comfortable completing an online free quote request, you can always call their offices.

Getting ready for the move

So, you’ve got your move day confirmed, and your removalists are coming to help you move all your belongings. There are a few things that you still need to do, to make sure your moves runs as smoothly as possible.

With an army of boxes and cases ready to fill, you would be forgiven for jumping straight in and going for it. However, ‘future you’ will thank you for the following.

Give each room a colour, and colour code any boxes or cases you pack for each. This means that when you get to your new home, you know exactly which box belongs where.

Keep an eye on the inventory, if there are items to add, ensure you update the list. However, check off everything you previously highlighted to confirm it is packed and ready to go.

As mentioned earlier, disassembling flat pack furniture is likely to be a requirement for most moves, unless of course you have opted for a packing service, so give yourself enough time to take down these pieces.

For larger or fixed furniture pieces, remember to check that you have emptied the drawers. The last thing you need are your briefs blowing away down the street should a drawer slide open.

There are of course factors which are out of your control such as the weather, particularly living in the tropics. If there has been a heavy downpour or gusty winds, remember to check your walkways to ensure they are clear, especially of slippery leaves or wet tiles. Basically, anything that can trip or tip you over needs to go. No one wants a detour to the Emergency Department.

Don’t sweat it, everything is going to be fine.

To be honest, there’s not much removalists haven’t seen or experienced. Even if you’ve missed something or you have a quirky piece of furniture, or your house is on top of 60-degree driveway, they will be well versed in ensuring your move runs smoothly and safely.

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