Professional Pet Transfer Services

Pets are family too, but often they need to move at a different time to everyone else. We can take care of their transport for you and can even have them boarded, before safely taking them on to join you at your new home. Our professional pet relocation services ensure that your pets are transferred safely and securely no matter where you travel.

Greater Northern Removals & Storage has been providing pet transfer services for 30 years and endeavours to give our customers tailor-made, affordable solutions that enable them to take their beloved pets with them. Whether you are moving intrastate, interstate, or internationally, we can help.

Pet services are door-to-door and include arranging flights, organising airline-approved travel crate hire, collection of your pet in an animal-friendly vehicle and delivery of your pet to your new home. While they are with us, we prioritise ensuring your pets are cared for and clean, and of course, they get plenty of attention and comfort until they are reunited with the rest of the family.

Pet Quarantine

Pet quarantine may be necessary when moving overseas and is used to protect the local agriculture and environment. The quarantine requirements and period for your pets depend on the country you are moving to. For example, Australia’s quarantine period is ten days. There are restrictions on the breed of dog or cat that can enter the country and also, they must not be pregnant or feeding young in during quarantine. Thankfully, quarantine periods are much shorter than they have been previously here, but all customers are advised to check the local regulations and procedures for their destination.

Greater Northern Removals and Storage can provide you with all the necessary information and requirements for your destination as well as ensure you pets are well looked after.

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