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The Right Tools for the Job

Whether you are moving home or office, the challenges are largely the same. How do you find a removalist that will safely and securely move your belongings? Can you rely on them to move you across Australia, intrastate or even just across the street, whilst keeping your stress levels to an absolute minimum?

Now, there are many ways for identifying a professional removalist in Cairns or Townsville. Some of which, we have outlined before.

However, one of the key criteria for picking any removalist is ensuring they have the right tools for the job.

We’ve invested heavily in the business since it was established, way back in 1986. Throughout this time, we’ve invested in purpose-built premises, converted vehicles and specialist moving equipment, alongside professional training to ensure each and every move runs as smoothly as possible.

Specialist Equipment for Professional Office and Home Removals

Here are just a few pieces of vital equipment that you should look for if you’re considering a professional home removals service.

Specialist Cartons

A box is a box, right?

Unfortunately, the basic boxes that you can find anywhere, often don’t have the same strength or longevity as the professional cartons we supply. Furthermore, we also provide a range of cartoons for specific items such as mirrors, picture frames and other possessions such as bikes.

Wrapping and Protective Materials

To protect your ornaments and other fragile items from scratches and damage, we use a professional-grade wrap to ensure your possessions are safeguarded.

For highly polished surfaces, such as tables, or artwork pieces without glass overs, we used a specialised thin foam roll, called Cell Air. This prevents marking, scuffs, and scratches on the most delicate surfaces whilst your prized possessions are in transit.

Moving Pads and Covers

It’s also important to protect your furniture against the scratches, dents and chips that can easily happen when you’re on the move.

Moving pads and covers help us to keep your furniture safe and to deliver each item in the same condition as when they were lifted.

Specialised Trollies, Dollies, Straps and Ties

To ensure we cater to things of all different shapes and sizes, we have an extensive range of trolleys, skates and heavy-duty dollies. Our purpose-built office trolleys easily fit into lifts and navigate through hotels, ensuring we can easily move cabinets, furniture and beds.

Lifting and manoeuvring through a building is one thing, but then ensuring the items don’t slide off is another. This is why we have rubber-topped platforms to keep slippery items from making an escape in transit.

Our straps and ties, not only help us lift and move heavy items with ease, but they also help keep your items safe and secure.

Special Moving Boards

If you have a pool table, piano or anything heavy, we have the appropriate moving equipment fitted with strap grooves and handles.

Even if you have a grand piano which can be awkward to move, our piano cradles enable us to lift and transport your instrument, safely and easily.

Professional Transit Solutions for your Move

Getting your items safely from A to B is something we take seriously. From potholes to unsealed roads, there’s not much our removalists don’t encounter when on the road, particularly when in regional or remote areas.

With this in mind, we consider our trucks and containers to be some of our most important equipment.


With a fleet of 15 trucks and trailers on the road at any given time, we take moving seriously. Our fleet includes container trucks, trailers and Pantech trucks, each designed and built specifically for the purpose of ensuring each move is as smooth and secure as possible.

If you’re moving to a remote location with unsealed roads, a smooth ride is vital in keeping your belongings safe. With airbag suspension that can handle the bumps and holes often found in the Cape York region, our bush trucks prevent your items from bouncing around or falling whilst in transit.


All of our removals are made using containers which allows us to provide express moves, or even delayed moves with no need to load or unload your possessions if they need to be in storage temporarily.

Furthermore, you can be confident that your possessions are safe and secure whilst in transit, as the containers remain closed until they reach your new abode or office.

Purpose-built premises

In 2005, we moved to our current purpose-built premises to provide a modern, clean and secure storage facility for those who need full or short-term space between moves.

The unique storage modules are designed specifically for long-term storage, with crates sealed airtight to prevent mould or moisture damage. With some of our customers having their possessions in storage for up to 8 years, we are confident our purpose-built storage solution, keeps your belongings as good as the day they entered.

Why is equipment important for your move?

There are many removal options for people and businesses to choose from, so it is important to be able to quickly determine which supplier is a good fit for you. To help eliminate any unnecessary damage or stress from your move, considering whether your removalist has the right tools for the job is an important question to ask.

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