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Getting the best Cairns removals quote for you

The definition of ‘best’ when it comes to any form of quote can mean several things, from price, to quality, through to the level of service or inclusions. The challenge when it comes to organising removals, is being able to compare apples with apples choosing your preferred removal company.

To an outsider, removals may appear to be a pretty straightforward process of moving boxes from location A to location B. However, there are a number of factors that hugely influence the quality of service and the quote you will receive.

Finding the right removals company

When customers begin looking for a Cairns removal company to help with their relocation and provide a quote; the first challenge is finding reputable companies to approach. Naturally, there are several key indicators you can keep an eye out for, such as membership to the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), the official body of removals experts that regulate the industry. Similarly Google Reviews and Facebook Recommendations can quickly help you identify a trustworthy and professional removals company.

Once you have established trust, the next consideration is whether your company of choice has the capacity and logistics network to facilitate your move. If you are moving within Cairns, or to one of the surrounding suburbs such as the Northern Beaches or Gordonvale or Atherton, this isn’t so much of an issue. But if your move is taking you to regional or remote areas of Far North Queensland, such as the Torres Strait or Cape York, you really need a company that has experience in those areas.

If your relocation is further afield, whether that’s intrastate to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or interstate to New South Wales or even Western Australia; the logistical network of the removals company should be a deciding factor. As part of the Chess Moving Group, our reach extends to all corners of Australia and across the globe, enabling us to safely and securely move our customers wherever they need to go.

Organising a removals quote

When looking for the “best” quote, getting organised will help you save time but also money by helping you identify what needs moving and what can be conveniently filed in the bin or skip. Having purged your inventory, you can be sure any quote you receive from Cairns removalists will be as affordable as it can be, depending on the size and scale of the move.

Having operated in Far North Queensland for over 30 years, at Greater Northern Removals, we understand that our customers have varying needs, so we have a number of ways for removals quotes to be requested and to ensure they are always competitively priced.

We have two quote request forms on our website, and these are really useful for customers who like the convenience of being able to submit a request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Similarly, those who are out of town or based in Regional Queensland, can submit their inventory and receive a free no obligation quote. The Quick Quote, does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to submit your moving details and dates, which will be enough for us to give you an indication of the price range. Our Full Quote option however, also enables you to add your furniture and belongings so we can give you a much more accurate quote.

Naturally, we don’t just accept online quotes, we are real people who enjoy meeting our customers wherever possible. When we come to inspect a move, our team are able to log the inventory, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

What factors impact a quote?

The two main contributing factors to consider when putting together a quote are the cubic volume of the items to be moved, and the distance from your old home to your new abode. The further the move, the more distance plays a factor in the cost.

However, there are other variables that will influence the price and when you are trying to compare apples with apples, you need to be able to evaluate the level of service each removalist provides.

We offer a range of additional services, from vehicle transfers so you can move that muscle car without clocking up the kilometres, or safely transfer your boat, so you don’t have to set sail around Australia.  Some of our out of town customers also request our packing and valet unpacking services. Although you don’t have to be out of town to enjoy these services 😉

Selecting the best removal company for you

Once you have received your quotes, the next step is to choose a removalist for you. Even though price is always a consideration, the best quotes come from people who understand you and your needs. That way you can be sure everything that is important to you is taken care of. We take pride in providing Far North Queensland with professional, highly personal moves since 1986, and would be honoured to let our family move yours.

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