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Tips for stress free interstate removals and relocations

Whether you are moving locally, intrastate or interstate, our objective is to make your move as hassle-free as possible. This
couldn’t be more true for those moving interstate. Aside from the typical stresses of moving home, an interstate move usually
comes with a few extra hurdles such as school enrolments, changing your driving licence and notifying utility providers. With a
growing to-do list, our mission is to make the moving process as seamless as possible, giving you one less thing to worry about.

In 2020, over 350,000 Australians moved interstate (Source: abs.gov.au), with migration to Queensland and regional Australia becoming more popular than ever before. Quite often, in normal circumstances, these moves are instigated by work or family choices, and we see it as our role to move our customers and their belongings as safely and securely as possible. Over the course of the last 35 years, we have continuously built our Australian network to provide professional interstate removal services, which we provide as part of our Chess Moving partnership.

Packing tips for your interstate move

Whether you are seeking an escape from tropical paradise (if that is a thing), or your move is bringing you here to Far North
Queensland, here are some packing tips that will help you take the stress out of moving.

  1. Sort and purge ‘out of season’ itemsIf you are moving interstate from Cairns, Townsville or FNQ, start by sorting and packing all the items you may not need such as mosquito repellent, dehumidifiers and the jet ski. Those moving to Far North Queensland, should also do the same, although you probably won’t need your surf boards, woolly jumpers, gloves or scarfs.
    Old school uniforms can probably be donated to the school and other items may be given to a charity shop.
  2. Pack what you can ‘live without’ for a weekA week before your move, pack the items you regularly use in your home but feel you can live without for a week, or until you get settled into your new home. Pro-tip: if you are moving with your family, you might want to discuss this with them, as they may have a different idea of what the essentials are.Avoid using newspaper to wrap your belongings as it doesn’t really protect anything and can leave smudge marks when you come to unwrap them. Bubble wrap should be used for fragile items and butchers’ paper can be used for non-breakable goods.
  3. Pretend you are going on holidayA move interstate is very exciting and in fact is much like a holiday… well at first it is anyway. But, as you get closer to your move
    date, all you should have remaining are toiletries, some clothes and important documents such as passports, birth and wedding certificates. Pretend you are actually going on holiday by putting these remaining items in a suitcase.Remember, the climate is likely to be very different, so planning in advance what clothes you will need will be important as is sunscreen, particularly if you are moving to FNQ.

Getting organised to move interstate

Moving interstate is a little more complex than a local move, as typically there are a few more elements of life-admin to consider
and work through. To make your experience as stress free as possible, you may wish to consider the following tips:

  1. Choose an interstate removals company with experience
    It goes without saying, but in order for your move to run smoothly and securely, you need a removals company that you can trust to look after your belongings from start to finish. Greater Northern Removals & Storage provides complete end to end removal services throughout Australia; so, no matter where your move takes you, we can get your belongings there as well. And if there are items you don’t want to take, we have secure storage facilities at our Cairns and Townsville depots, so they are ready for when you return.
  2. Identify the removals services you require
    Not all moves are the same, and sometimes our customers have different needs or challenges. If you don’t have time to pack and unpack your belongings due to work-commitments for example, we providing packing and valet unpacking services, that help take the pressure of you and your family.In addition, pet relocation or vehicle transfers may be required, particularly if you choose to travel by air. If these are important to you, finding a removalist who takes care of all these will not only remove the need to find additional service provides, but it will give you peace of mind that your full move is in safe hands.
  3. Cancel, update or enrol
    Interstate relocations also mean change from schools, to driving licences and car registrations, through to utility providers and insurance. Give yourself enough time to work through the important aspects of your life by categorising what can be done before and after the move. A simple checklist of what needs to be cancelled, connected, updated or enrolled will ensure you can settle into your new home and community as soon as possible.

Moving interstate to and from Cairns

Living in North Queensland, it is easy to see the attraction for those seeking a sea-change, or looking to move away from capital
cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. But it’s not all one-way traffic. Believe it or not, there are people who move from Cairns,
Townsville and the surrounding areas to another state. Fortunately, we have the experience and network to support both.

If you are moving from Melbourne or Sydney to Cairns, or are venturing further north to Cape York or the Torres Strait, we have
been assisting families and relocating personnel around the region for 35 years.

Weather can be a challenge, particularly in some more of the remote areas of FNQ which is why using an experienced removal
company is essential. We understand the road networks and are well positioned to make recommendations that not only get your
belongings to their destination safely, but at the best price.

If you are moving interstate from Cairns or the surrounding areas, our network of over 20 Chess Moving depots across Australia
will ensure your move is a great move.

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