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Every year millions of Australians move home, according to the 2021 Consensus, 20% of Australians had moved in the previous 12 months. Furthermore, those living in regional areas such as Cairns and Townsville are significantly more likely to move interstate than our metropolitan counterparts.

With so many Australians and in particular, North Queenslanders moving around the country, how can you ensure your move is a positive experience? This may sound straightforward but with 4 out of 5 Australians finding moving home stressful, we’ve put together some tips to help those who are considering jumping ship.

Find a reliable removalist

Finding a removalist in Cairns or Townsville for intra or interstate move is a little more intricate than a local move, so finding a reliable removals company is important. And believe it or not, not all removals companies are the same.

You will need a removalist who can provide complete door-to-door service. Having the logistical network in place not only provides you with peace of mind but is also likely to reduce the cost of your move. If for example, a removals company has a team in Brisbane or Sydney, not only will you have removalists with local knowledge, but they will also have the right equipment and tools to complete your move.

You will also avoid paying for labour to travel from Cairns or Townsville to your new city or town. In most cases, we containerise your belongings and furniture and use the rail network to transport your possessions to your destination, where a local team will complete your move. This is not only more secure, but it significantly reduces the man hours involved.

As a Chess Moving Partner, we have 12 depots around Australia, with at least one in every state or territory. This enables us to use the local knowledge in each depot to make your move as smooth as possible. Delivering your possessions in the most secure and efficient way imaginable.

Begin planning as soon as possible

Life happens. And sometimes when it does, it doesn’t give us much notice. This can be particularly true if you are renting when leases suddenly end or expire, or if you have to move for work. However, where possible, if you can provide as much notice as possible, you will have more chance of securing the dates for collection and delivery that align with your moving timeline.

Be aware of particularly busy periods such as school holidays, particularly the summer break. As you can imagine, moving during the holidays minimises the disruption for families and their children. Therefore, demand for removalists tends to spike during these periods. If you are planning to move during the school holidays, try and plan a couple of months in advance.

What do you do if you don’t have a home yet?

One of the biggest hurdles in planning so far in advance is that often the reason you cannot confirm dates is that you are either waiting to find your next home, or you need to wait for completions or access. Whether you are in a chain or you want to explore your new town or city before choosing a suburb to move into, we can help.

We provide secure, modern and clean storage solutions, allowing you to vacate your current property and ensure your belongings are safe in a dedicated storage facility. This can be a great solution if you are still home hunting and you need time to find the perfect place to rest your hat. Similarly, if you are only moving temporarily, for work, for example, you may wish to only transport some of your furniture to your new temporary abode.

Preparing for a long-haul move

If you are leaving Cairns or Townsville bound for a far corner of Australia, then there may be some additional considerations you need to make. For example, in Western Australia or Tasmania, there are quarantine restrictions for plants, fruit, and vegetables. And whilst very few people try to relocate their vegetable garden, many people try to move their favourite plants.

The large majority of our long-haul moves are containerised. The benefit of this is that your possessions are only handled at collection and when they are ready to be delivered. In addition, should your move be affected by weather, floods, or fires, your belongings will be safe and secure.

Furthermore, due to the extensive Chess Moving network, you can move safe in the knowledge that you will be supported by a team of family-owned removalists that will take care of you every step of the way.

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