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As your move draws closer, there will come a point where you have to decide what to take, sell, recycle or in some cases, store. Particularly if your move is only temporary, storage is crucial to ensuring you can keep hold of all your valuables and furniture.

From storing a few items in a friend’s or family member’s garage, self-storage units, or purpose-built, professional storage facilities, you have a few options to choose from. Naturally, one of the primary considerations is cost; however, the wrong type of storage can cost you dearly.

Before you attempt to squeeze your furniture into the back of Dave’s garage, you need to consider what condition everything will be in, when it returns. In hot, humid locations such as Cairns, storage plays a vital role in maintaining the condition of your possessions. And, unfortunately, as hospitable (and “free”) as Dave’s garage is, it may lead to disappointment, or worse, you having to throw out items instead of returning them to your home.

If, instead, you’d much prefer your prized possessions or family furniture returned in the condition they were in, then you really do need professional storage. These facilities are purpose-built, well-maintained and super secure will help prevent any damage.

There are two options available, depending on how much access you need. If you intend to store your items and don’t need access regularly, our facilities are ideal. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, your possessions are secure, meeting the strict requirements for Federal and State Government storage. However, if you need regular access to your belongings, then self-storage may be more suited to your needs.

If you’re still on the fence about what kind of storage you need, we’ve compiled a list of items that need purpose-built storage to survive our hot, humid climate.


While leather jackets are probably not suited to our hot, tropical climate (unless you’re a bikey), leather bags, shoes, chairs and sofas are very common in Cairns. When humidity is high, leather can absorb excess moisture, causing it to stretch and lose its original form. Humidity also creates a cozy environment for mould, leaving unsightly stains and a musty odour that is hard to remove.

Leather might seem tough, but it’s not exactly a fan of a tropical sauna. That’s why purpose-built storage facilities, combined with the proper protective wrapping in humid regions are like a sanctuary.


In a place like Cairns, where humidity and heat are constants, the investment in professional storage for your bedding is a smart move to ensure that you’re greeted with fresh, comfortable, and well-preserved bedding whenever you need it.

Like leather, bedding is likely to suffer from mould stains and bad odours if not stored correctly. However, with fabric items, professional storage can prevent them from breaking down. Fabrics may become weakened, lose their softness and generally age faster.

Storing bulky items such as mattresses can also be a challenge. Professional storage in Cairns not only helps avoid the mould, but also provides a convenient solution for you (and your friend’s garage).

It is also a great way to protect your items from unwanted guests. There have been many instances of where infestations of rats in sub-standard storage has ruined furniture and even family heirlooms.


OK, maybe we don’t need to point this one out. But if you’re wondering. Water and electronics do not mix. And all you need is a water leak or heavy deluge of rain, and your vintage games console or widescreen TV won’t work again.

High humidity levels can lead to condensation forming on electronic components, which can cause short circuits and other damage. Professional storage facilities reduce the risk of moisture-related issues.


Paper, plus warm and dark boxes attract insects and pests that may damage your books. Any excessive moisture can cause books to warp, curl and become misshaped. Add to this the risk of mould, and you can quickly see how they are at the mercy of the elements.

Whether you’re keeping books as they are a family heirloom, or you simply want to share it with your family in the future, professional storage can keep those precious stories safe.

Wooden Furniture

Wood naturally expands and contracts in response to changes in humidity. In a humid and hot climate like Cairns, these fluctuations can be extreme. Excessive heat and humidity can cause finishes, varnishes, and paints to deteriorate, leading to discolouration. Professional storage ensures that your furniture’s protective coatings remain intact, preserving their aesthetic appeal.

Again these are often bulky items, so for convenience and to avoid an impromptu game of garage tetris, storage will free up space while keeping your furniture protected.

Cairns Storage Solutions

If you’re seeking a storage solution that will keep your belongings safe and secure, request a free quote, and your future self will thank you for it.

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