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Things you need to know when moving home

Moving home was already a juggling act, long before 2020. However, since then rentals have become increasingly scarce, houses are selling faster than ever before. And to add to this, we have had a pandemic causing a wave of ever-changing restrictions across Australia.

For those trying to find and move home today, things have become a bit more complex. Which is why moving with a professional removals company is increasingly important.

If you’re already dealing with a property market moving at the speed of sound, or having to jump through hoops just to find a decent rental property, professional removalists will ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

  • Should the purchase of a property fall through last minute. We can help.
  • If your landlord decides to sell-up and you need storage. We can help.
  • If your job requires you to move into regional or remote Queensland. We can help.
  • If you want to deal with the same company door-to-door when moving interstate. We can help.
  • If you need help packing and unpacking your home. We can help.

With nearly 598,000 homes and units sold in Australia between September 2020 and August 2021 (source: CoreLogic), and with increasing numbers migrating from capital cities to regional hotspots like Cairns and Townsville (source: ABC), it makes sense to work with a professional removals company.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

During the 30 plus years we have been in business, we have experienced a lot of successful moves. Of course, during this time we’ve had our fair share of hurdles to overcome. Fast forward to today and we’ve developed plans and invested in the right equipment to get you wherever you’re moving to.

As many people have experienced during the pandemic, moving around the country hasn’t been straightforward. With border closures, lock downs, hotspots and isolation requirements coming and going. What this means for people moving, is that plans can change at any time because of these requirements. Either delaying your move, or creating a logistical nightmare for you to overcome. So, you need to have a plan up your sleeve to help keep you moving.

Fortunately, Greater Northern Removals & Storage has invested heavily in containerisation, long before Corona was anything more than a refreshing beer. This provides a number of benefits for people moving intra- and interstate:

  1. Your belongings are moved safe and secure in a container in transit. So, no one touches the consignment unless they are packing or unpacking your possessions.
  2. Should your plans need to change, these containers can quickly be moved to storage until you are ready to complete the move.
  3. Local teams can be used at collection and delivery, so logistical issues are reduced.

These benefits also apply to any other disruption that makes travel difficult, such as floods and road closures.

Do all roads lead to Rome?

Our network stretches across all four corners of Australia and well into regional and remote areas of Far North Queensland. If you’re moving to the Cape or Torres Strait, you will need a professional removals company who can get you there, by road or sea.

Some roads throughout the Cape and Gulf Savannah, are not as smooth as we’d like, often unsealed and uneven. Therefore, we have adapted our trucks to ensure they can handle bumpy roads and prevent your belongings bouncing around in transit.

Depending on the time of year, some of these roads will not be accessible, so alternative means of transport such as sea freight will enable you to reach northern parts of Queensland with ease.

If your move is taking you even further afield to the Torres Strait, shipping is naturally the only option. Fortunately, we have built longstanding relationships with local communities, to ensure we can access the islands quickly and safely.

When you’re planning your move, particularly to regional or remote regions, choosing a removals company with the right equipment and logistics is vital. And whilst it may sound obvious, not every removal company will have these in place.

With the current market conditions, it’s important to choose a removalist that can act quickly to changing conditions, so you have one less thing to stress about.

If you are planning your next move, talk to us to see how we can help make it your best move.

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