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A family move is often an exciting time but equally, it can be relatively stressful with a lot to coordinate from a practical perspective, not to mention unsettling children who may have never lived anywhere else.

With careful preparation, any stress can be minimised, and you’ll soon be settled into your new home with the upheaval way behind you. Regardless of whether this is your first move, or one of many, at Greater Northern Removals, we have seen it all. Here is our advice to help you make this new chapter in your family life, one to remember for the right reasons.

Discuss the move as a family

Make sure you take the time to sit down and talk about the new house and why you’re moving. Acknowledge the memories that you’ve made at your current home and explain what life will be like after the move. Perhaps the rooms are bigger or there is a swimming pool or more yard space. It could be nearer to friends and relatives or be in a neighbourhood where there is more to do. Getting the whole family excited will mean they are motivated to play a role, whether that’s sorting out old toys, helping their younger siblings or simply being positive about the experience.

By talking about any fears they may have about the move, they will feel valued. If you can, take a drive to the new house and look at it from the outside. This will help them visualise living there and paint a mental picture which they can feel excited about.

Check out our Moving with Children flyer for more details.

Moving further afield

If you’re moving to a new town or city, this will likely mean that the children will leave their friends behind and have to make new ones at a new school. This can be a daunting time but helping them to prepare, will reduce the worry. Try to relate the experience to a similar positive one or if they are shy, run through how they can prepare themselves for their first day. Perhaps there is a play area where local children and parents gather that you can visit beforehand? Make sure you ask the school for any hints and tips and if possible, meet the new teacher before your child starts school.

If you have teenagers, they will probably be harder hit by moving away from their friends, especially if they have known them for their entire lives. Add hormones into the mix and it can be stressful for everyone. Having a frank discussion with them without appearing to be pushy and therefore treating them like an adult, is often a wise move. Consider inviting their old friends to the new house for a sleepover and also, some of their new friends too. Finding social activities will also make the transition a lot smoother.

Their room

Having a new bedroom is exciting, but if your child hasn’t moved before, a lot of their identity will be attached to their current bedroom. Reassure them that they will be taking all their belongings and that it can be set up in a similar way so there is familiarity.

Depending on whether you are moving to a rental house or one you’ve bought, you might be able to inspire them with a little interior decorating. Whether that’s choosing paint colours or actually painting the room themselves, this can be an exciting time for the more creative members of the family, as well as being an opportunity for them to express themselves.

Furry Family

Pets are family too so it’s important to consider them as well, particularly in the early days. They will probably feel unsettled as belongings are unpacked and their daily routine changes. It will also take them some time to work out the layout of the new house and yard as well as where they sleep and where they eat. By including the children with some responsibility for helping pets settle in, you will also make them feel like they have a ‘job’ and it will be a distraction from any of their own feelings of angst.

Move with a professional

The best way to minimise the stress of a move is to work with a professional removalist. A local, family-owned company, our team has decades of experience. We understand the significance of each move and the importance of doing our best to assist with all aspects of relocation. Each family and each situation is different, which is why we tailor our services to suit.

Whether you need a full packing and valet unpacking service, or assistance with moving cars, boats or other vehicles, we can help. We even offer storage services. Contact our team today or get a free quick quote online.

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