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Finding any tradesperson can be challenging. Particularly when you don’t have a ‘go to guy or girl’ already lined up. Often, people can rely on the luck of the draw as to whether they manage to bag themselves a reliable contractor or service provider. However, you are probably looking to reduce the risk, by avoiding mistakes that can lead to disappointment when hiring a Cairns removalist.

So how do you give yourself some peace of mind to help you sleep at night and increase your chances of a successful move? It’s simple. Here are our top mistakes you need to avoid when hiring a Cairns removalist.

Failing to get a quote

Sounds almost too obvious, but in the heat of the moment, particularly when time isn’t on your side, forgetting to ask ‘how much’ can happen. A quote will give you an idea of what you are about to pay, so you can make a judgment on whether that is great value.

When you do get a quote, take some time to review the inclusions and exclusions. You don’t want to have one figure in mind and then be completely blindsided by a much higher one.

Not confirming the company is a local one

Keeping it local will help you support Cairns businesses but also protect you from falling for online brokers. Check the removals company has a genuine Cairns address, rather than just a virtual office.

The added benefit is that if your removalist is local, they are going to have more flexibility should anything regarding your move change.

Some furniture removals companies will have on site storage facilities too. Meaning if you need somewhere to keep your belongings safe, they will still be in town.

Using a removalist that isn’t an AFRA member

The Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) is the peak body for the removals industry. Selecting a removalist who is not a member increases the risk of having a bad experience when it comes to your move.

AFRA members such as ourselves, have been background checked, are fully trained and operate from approved premises and with approved vehicles. As an AFRA member, we need to be fully insured and have a professional dispute resolution process in place.

For more information on why you should choose an AFRA member, visit their website.

Failing to check their online reviews

Most successful businesses will have a long trail of online reviews that should provide you with a good understanding of the quality of their service. This couldn’t be more true for the removals industry.

If you don’t look at a business’ reviews, then you may miss any red flags. Similarly, you may not know when you’re on to a winner. Take a look at our reviews for example 😉

Not having an insurance certificate

Be aware of companies that state that your insurance is included. Unless you have an insurance certificate issued in your name covering your nominated insurance value, you are potentially at risk.

The removals company may very well be insured, but insuring your belongings while they are in transit, requires a specific insurance certificate to cover you. Without it, you could be left having to pay to replace or repair any damaged possessions.

Forgetting to confirm a timeline

Believe it or not, it’s fairly common for people to request a quote but forget to lock it in with their removalist. For some people, we are just not at the top of their call list; and that’s ok.

We always try hard to accommodate last-minute bookings, but during busy periods, this becomes increasingly difficult. This could lead to disappointment… and also a bit of stick from your family too.

Once you have a quote, and you’re happy with the detail, lock it in. Then you can forget about us, until closer to your move.

Make your move, a great one

By taking just a few steps, you can ease your anxiety while also ensuring your move is a great one. Yes, mistakes sometimes happen, but in reality, most businesses just want to do a good job.

If you would like a quote for your move, we’d love to hear from you.

Les Forrester

Author Les Forrester

Les has a keen eye for detail and he is always looking for ways in which the business can continually improve. He has been in the industry for many years and weathered all kinds of storms including the GFC, pilot strikes and COVID. He has remained true to the business goals of delivering a reliable, customer-centric service. He believes customer service is the key to success.

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