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Whatever the size of your business may be, a start-up or a big corporation, making the move from one office space to another is no small feat. With more to think about than just packing up some boxes and planning where the furniture will go, making sure your move goes smoothly is a task in itself. It’s very different to simply moving house.

At Greater Northern Removals we understand all too well what goes into the big shift, because we’ve done it. Not just for families and businesses, but also for ourselves.

Be prepared

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any move is being prepared. Knowing what’s going where, when, and how, is crucial for a smooth move. With that said, as a business with many moving parts and customers to look after it’s easy for things to get overlooked or for people to believe that someone else is ‘handling it’.

Assigning someone to oversee your office relocation and act as a lead will help to keep everything on track. If the business is big enough to have individual departments, they should each have someone overseeing the move.

Ensuring the move is properly communicated to all your employees is important. Ensure they have an overview of the plan and timings for each step as well as any other relevant details. Don’t keep them in the dark. The last thing you want is a co-worker turning up at the wrong location on the day of the move, you’ll never hear the end of it.

Like all good things

If you’ve been thinking about the need to move to a new office, just remember, a move takes time. Whether it’s because your team has expanded (or reduced), or you’re looking for a nicer, more convenient location. Rather than rushing into a bad decision you should give yourself enough time to fully assess your options. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Planning ahead will give you the time to organise the finer details of the move and allow you to research and book a removals company that specialises in business moves. Given all eyes are on you, it is crucial to ensure that they are highly recommended but also offer you the range of business move services needed to aid a successful move.

It’s not going to happen overnight, plan for logistics if you want a stress-free move.

Timing is everything

Work doesn’t stop just because you’re moving, so it’s essential to try to plan your move at the most convenient time possible for your staff, clients and your overall business. Whether it’s a certain time of week like every other Friday or you have seasonal slows, make sure you’ve considered this for the move.

You should also ensure that your clients are aware of the relocation well in advance.

Extra protection

Once you’ve figured out the logistics of the business relocation it’s time to think about protecting yourself. By hiring a reliable business removalist, you can be confident that your company’s belongings will be safe and that they will arrive on time at your new office.

However, while you can mitigate many risks, it’s always better to play it safe, especially when you’ve got your business and your team’s livelihood in the back of a truck. Having additional insurance for your move will give everyone the peace of mind of knowing that, though unlikely, if anything were to be damaged along the way, you’ll be protected.

The ability to have a backup storage option as part of the relocation service should be front of mind. Whether the new office is not quite ready for the move, or you’ve got a little too much and need to revisit the layout, having a place to hold your items safely and securely is paramount.

The right team

Moving your business is our business. Our friendly and professional team is highly trained and experienced in all types of moves, making us one of the top Cairns business removals companies. Let us help to make your next business move a great one.

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