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Whether it’s because of lifestyle changes, a relocation or you’re simply decluttering your home, storage is a great solution for many people who don’t have the space to house all their possessions, but equally, don’t want to sell the family heirlooms at a garage sale. If you are setting off in a campervan to travel the land of plenty, relocating for work for 12 months, or are stuck with your children’s clutter whilst they enjoy themselves at university, short- and long-term storage provides a solution that enables you to keep your beloved furniture, trinkets, and hard-earned belongings, in a safe and secure location until you are ready to take them back.

With state border restrictions changing regularly, your relocation plans may even be disrupted, leaving you with no other choice but to organise short-term storage. The great news is that if you’re using Greater Northern Removals & Storage, your belongings will already be containerised and packed correctly to enable your possessions to be securely stored.

Deciding what to place into storage

Whilst you may be tempted to simply say ‘everything’, it is worth really drilling down into what items you want to place into storage. Are you considering putting appliances, electrical goods, soft furnishings and valuables to go into storage? Do you want to keep all your furniture or can some of it be distributed elsewhere? Typically, the more your store, the bigger the storage space you will need. Whilst that may not be shocking news, it does help when communicating to storage providers about your needs and it can help focus the mind on decluttering rather than keeping items just for the sake of it.

If it holds no sentimental value, isn’t valuable and serves no purpose, it could be better donating or selling these items instead so someone else can enjoy them.

This strategy will help you identify an inventory list of the items going into storage, what you are taking with you, and what is going to be donated. In the future this will also help you locate those smaller items, that you’re not quite sure where they ended up and potentially save you hours of aimless searching.

Finding the right storage facility in Cairns

Now you’ve tackled the hit list of what you need to place into storage, you should have a better indication of the type of storage you need such as a storage box, unit or container? Whether you are going to need regular access? If you require safe and secure short- or long-term storage? Other important considerations such as whether the storage facilities are conveniently located, or if the storage company can pack and collect your belongings to ensure they are stored correctly, should also be factored in.

Regardless of the value of the items you plan to store, it is important to find a local Cairns storage company that has a proven track record. Check their online reviews and visit the facilities if you are keen to see for yourself where your belongings will be stored.

A key consideration, particularly in Far North Queensland, is ensuring the facilities and containers are equipped to handle the humidity. Whilst most purpose-built facilities will of course handle this with no issue, it is important to check. All our storage modules are sealed, slightly elevated from floor level and made from plywood, preventing damp, mildew and rust. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, your possessions are secure, meeting the strict requirements for Federal and State Government storage.

How to prepare for storage?

It may seem like common sense, but if you are putting your prized possessions into storage, there is a need to ensure that they are packed correctly so they aren’t damaged. Fortunately, companies such as Greater Northern Removals and Storage will organise the packing for you, with skilled removalists and professional materials to provide protection for your valuables.

Generally, if you are looking to place flat-packed furniture into storage, it’s more efficient and safer to disassemble it as much as possible, packing all the smaller nuts and bots into a sealable plastic bag, including a label on it and attaching it safely to the item (if you don’t have the original packaging). Similarly, if your furniture is going to be in storage long-term, specialised fabric furniture covers are recommended. Often, we see wooden or leather furniture wrapped in plastic, however when the humidity strikes in the wet season, this traps moisture causing the wood or leather to warp or mould.

When it comes to storing clothes, surprisingly you cannot just throw these into plastic bags and hope for the best. Depending on how long you are planning to have the clothes in storage, you may also wish to avoid vacuum seal bags. Whilst these are great for seasonal, short-term storage, over years the fabric may lose its structure and integrity. Airtight plastic containers or hanging the clothes individually are the best ways to keep your clothes dry and prevent mould growth.

It should also go without saying that all clothes must be washed and clean before entering storage. But we knew you knew that one already!

Finally, if you are looking to store fragile items, first of all, don’t rush. You would be amazed how many things get broken when people are trying to get their belongings organised. However, professional packing paper is recommended to ensure breakages are prevented. For glass items, mark an X in masking tape to prevent shattering or scratches. Whilst cardboard boxes are sufficient, you should really ensure they are small and very strong. The last thing you need is for the bottom to fall out and your valuables end up in pieces on the floor.

Working with a professional removals and storage company will mean that all of your different possessions are protected with the right materials and are stored correctly. Not only saving you time, but potentially thousands in damaged goods.

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