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Five Signs You Need a Professional Removalist

If your home has a leak, you know you need a plumber. If you have problems starting your car, it’s pretty obvious you need a mechanic. However, there is sometimes a grey area when moving home. One where a mover isn’t sure whether they can handle the move themselves or if there’s “enough” to warrant a professional removal company taking care of it.

Like the centre of a Venn diagram, there is an overlap, which sometimes convinces the mover that they won’t need the help of a removalist. Until that is – it’s too late. Their belongings `are chaotically scattered around; some have left in a ute, some in a van, some are strewn across the floor, and some have made it to the abyss.

The moral of the story, if there is one at all, is that if you are planning a move, no matter the size, it costs nothing to contact a Cairns removalist for a quote.

However, that may not satisfy your curiosity. If you are considering hiring a furniture removal company or not, here are five signs for you to look out for.

And if this is sounding all too familiar and you’re reading this, thinking “Yes! That’s Me” then we encourage you to organise a Cairns Removalist Quote with our friendly and professional team of movers.

Sign #1 Your stress levels are rising

From being slightly more irritable than usual, to completely drowning in to-do lists, no matter where you are on the stress-barometer, this is a sign.

Moving is always more complicated than you anticipate. So even if you originally intended to move everything yourself, it’s ok to tap out. Getting a free removalist quote, isn’t a complete u-turn. It’s merely assessing your options.

You may even be pleasantly surprised about how little it costs to make the stress disappear.

Sign #2 You are short of time

“Time goes by so slowly” according to the Righteous Brothers. However, these rules don’t always apply when you’re moving home.

Suddenly you’re multi-tasking like a conductor trying to orchestrate one of Beethoven’s Symphonies.

And you know what it’s like in Cairns, getting things done sometimes takes a bit more patience and time. But if time is not something you have on your side, again, this is your sign. You need to organise a professional removalist quote.

Sign #3 You have large pieces of furniture

OK, there’s no denying that moving furniture isn’t for the faint-hearted. There’s more to moving than a lot of people realise. From manoeuvring, loading and unloading heavy pieces of furniture to packing everything well enough to avoid damaging your belongings.

We mention this a lot because damaged furniture is one of the most frequent issues people have when moving. When you add the terrain and unpredictable weather in Cairns into the mix, there are a lot of obstacles for DIY movers to overcome.

Utilising a professional Cairns Removalist will help you protect your furniture – and your sanity. Trust us, we’ve seen the other side!

Sign #4 You need packing materials

If you’ve been firmly in team ‘DIY movers’ until now, this may cause a rethink. Often when it comes to moving, there isn’t just labour (blood, sweat and tears) involved, there’s also a lot of equipment and materials used to keep everything safe and secure.

If you’re now trying to find the appropriate packing materials for your furniture, fragile items, and precious heirlooms, it may be more cost-effective to work with a Cairns removals company.

If the dollar signs are starting to add up in your budget, this is another sign.

Sign #5 You are dreading the thought of moving

If moving day is giving you anxiety and you’re concerned about the logistics and all the other moving pieces, it’s not too late.

While we always advise clients to request quotes as early as possible, there’s no harm in reaching out.

Talk to one of our helpful team members and we will see if we can take the hassle out of your move.

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