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With the Bureau of Meteorology declaring a third consecutive La Niña is currently underway for Australia, it’s fair to assume that Cairns, Townsville, and the rest of North Queensland are in for a soaking this wet season. This year’s La Niña is expected to peak just in time for one of the busiest times of year for families moving home. Which isn’t ideal.

But rather than put our heads in the wet sand, we’d rather use our 30 years’ experience as Townsville and Cairns removalists to give you a rundown on how to navigate moving in the wet season.

Tip #1 Give yourself plenty of time

Whilst moving between major cities can be relatively straightforward, moving to and from regional and rural areas, can create a few additional hurdles.

Especially if you are moving to the Cape or Torres Strait.

Regular road services to communities such as Weipa, Aurukun or Lockhart River can be closed when the ‘big wet’ comes. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your furniture won’t get there. Fortunately, we have developed strong relationships with sea freight partners and invested in specialised equipment to enable us to move you safely and securely all year round.

Whilst Cairns and Townsville removals are not as severely impacted by wet weather, localised flooding can still be an issue. Naturally, if you are relocating to a remote community, or even heading down south, there are more potential hazards that can delay your move.

When it comes to these long-haul relocations, we pride ourselves on our containerised solution. Not only is this more secure, but it enables us to use the rail network to keep you moving even when roads are congested or closed.

Tip #2 Protect your belongings

We’ve all seen it. A Ute transporting soft furniture or a mattress, whilst it’s lashing down with rain. And whilst you can easily get caught off guard in the wet season, don’t let this be you.

Using professional removalist boxes, mattress and couch covers, along with plenty of shrink wrap and tape, will help protect your possessions whilst in transit.

For all our customers, we provide everything needed to help keep your belongings safe and secure, but most importantly – dry!

Tip #3 Protect your floors

If your moving day is soaked with rain, it won’t take long for paths, driveways, and floors to become mired in mud and dirt.

In the run-up to your moving day, don’t get caught off guard. Save any old towels, blankets or even carpet cuts to minimise any mess from being walked through your house. However, do be mindful of creating trip hazards.

Whilst you will undoubtedly have to give the house a once-over when your possessions have been lifted, it will help you avoid a deeper clean.

You may want to avoid a clean altogether. In which case, you could consider our professional cleaning services which will give you one less thing to worry about.

Tip #4 Prevent mould and damp

As you begin preparing for your move, you may have the urge to begin tucking away items in a wardrobe or a dark space.

That may be ok if it’s just for a few days. However, during the wet season, homes can quickly become damp and if you’ve had clothes or soft furnishings stored away in a dark, poorly ventilated space, mould can soon take hold.

Sunlight and plenty of fresh air are great ways to keep damp and mould under control. So open doors and windows to allow the air to circulate.

Allow furniture space to breathe by leaving gaps between them and the wall. This will allow the air to flow.

Also, if you have packed boxes or other items put to one side for the move, don’t store these against an outside wall. Particularly if it doesn’t get a lot of sun.

Finally, dehumidifiers can be a great investment particularly if you don’t have many storage options in the run-up to the move.

Tip #5 Protect yourself

Rain can increase the risk of motor accidents by as much as 146%. If you are moving in the wet season, you may need to consider the additional cover to protect you and your belongings.

Standard home contents insurance policies may not cover your belongings during your move. Even if removals insurance is included in your current policy, please check the details carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Whilst we enjoy an incredibly low accident claim ratio, it pays to protect your household goods and possessions against accidental damage or loss. So even if the unlikely happens, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are covered.

Greater Northern Removals Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Aldridge & Street and can help you arrange insurance to protect your belongings while in transit or storage.

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